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It's never easy living away from home. We understand you are emotionally connected to India, yet physically distant. We take some of the load off your shoulders by helping you get things done back home.

You can count on easidesi to be your single port-of-call solution for fulfilling your needs in India. Let us be your go-to - with seamless technology, easy to use interface, best-in -class vendor support, prompt response and 24/7 assistance - we manage a wide spectrum of Global Indian needs like Real Estate, Medical Care, Documentation, Attestation, Gifting and more.

Our next generation  easiergei  services help you with all your chores back in India, so you can relax in your country of residence. Our specialists work hand in hand with our vendors and take care of every aspect of your request with utmost convenience.

How we make it possible


We reduce your frustration by providing you with the clarity you seek around the process(es) to resolve your Global Indian needs.


We provide convenience & ease by offering choices and solutions to all Global Indians for the right price.


We give you peace of mind by providing trustworthy, reliable and timely fulfillment of your needs on ground in India.

the team

Global Indians at work

We know that living in distant lands can be challenging. And no matter where we go, our hearts remain back home. For Global Indians, seeking services in India is more than just a routine task. It can be an emotional roller-coaster ride, especially if the processes are complex, or take what feels like endless time. As fellow experts, we understand the value of family, relationships & commitments, and we strive to empower people with the ease of cross-border services.

Our founders Tejas and Sai bring a collective experience of over 40 years to easidesi. Tejas has worked in the Media, Fashion Retail, and Banking industries across multiple countries. A thorough professional, who believes in taking every challenge head-on, with a calm mind - he is instrumental in channelizing the organizational vision to empower global Indians across the world map.

Sai has been a Banker, Strategist, Speaker, Panelist, and Social Entrepreneur with industry experience across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. He has designed and executed NRI corridor strategies extensively and led CX strategies and models including a partnership with Disney.

Together, our expert team works around the clock to constantly innovate and improve your customer experience with us. We are committed to spreading happiness by making your lives easier.